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At Insolita Trattoria, every dinner turns into a game where each dish is a riddle and our guests have to guess what they eat using all their senses.


From Tuesday to Saturday, 19:30-22:30

Phone number

055 679366

If you want to gift a Magical Moment, this Gift Card is perfect for you!!

How does it work? Choose the experience you want to gift, customizing it as you prefer.

You can choose between the 15-courses Experience, or the 9-courses Experience. You can also choose to pair it with wine or select a bottle from the cellar.

You can receive it by email or we can send you A gift package containing the Gift Card and all the information about the chosen experience will be created and shipped to the provided address during booking.

The package will be accompanied by a personalized message, with the name of the recipient and the name of the giver.

The Gift Card is valid for 6 months from the order date.

If you want to gift a unique moment, look for our Unconventional Gift Cards!

Let's simply think outside the box.

Told by those who have experienced our cuisine.

Creative flavors
We transform every dish into a moment to be lived, different and unusual compared to any typical Florentine trattoria.

An outstanding Experience
In every dish there's a discovery, something unusual that makes your dinner an innovative meal.

The discovery in the kitchen
We love to research, try and involve all customers in discovering unusually tasty pairings!


Nothing is what it seems
It's our focus: creating dishes that challenge our customers to guess their ingredients and preparations.

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Our Unconventional Experiences

Unconventional Experience

100€ GIFT CARD BLACK| €290 - 9 courses X 2 PAX| €490 - 15 courses X 2 PAX

Gift a Gift Card, choosing between the experience of 9 or 15 courses

100€ GIFT CARD BLACK| €290 - 9 courses X 2 PAX| €490 - 15 courses X 2 PAX

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While you’re booking, you declare any allergies/intolerances and disliked tastes. After booking, you just need to show up at the restaurant. We’ll serve you the  9, or 15 creations menu and all you have to do is taste the dishes and play, trying to guess how Chef Lorenzo prepared them.

It’s possible to order à la carte only for guests who have the Unusual Card, which also offers numerous opportunities throughout the year. You can request it directly at the restaurant’s cashier.

If you really don’t want us to use certain ingredients to suit your taste, let us know during booking. We’ll organize the experience to meet your expectations. However, be prepared to experience flavors with curiosity!

We prepare each menu avoiding the intolerances reported by guests. So, every guest can enjoy every course!

To reserve your table and try our Unconventional Experience, you can choose to reserve the table by paying only the deposit, or prepay the entire amount. By prepaying the amount, you’ll receive a welcome Aperinsolito: 4 savory tapas, the Memory Board, and a bottle of wine to take home.

Reservation is mandatory. We only have 7 tables available, so a deposit per person is required at the time of booking to guarantee the table.

The deposit payment is mandatory to reserve your table. The deposit is made via credit card and is 100% refundable up to 48 hours before the booked date in case of cancellation. Within 48 hours, in case of cancellation, the deposit is entirely converted into a voucher spendable at the restaurant within the next 3 months.

The deposit is always refundable up to 48 hours before the booked date and converted into a voucher spendable within the next 3 months in case of cancellation within 48 hours. The only case where the deposit will not be refunded is in case of a no-show.

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We are Insolita Trattoria!

Our chef Lorenzo Romano has an unusual way of conceiving cooking, which is rooted in the concept of going beyond boundaries.

An experience at Insolita Trattoria stimulates all your senses: it’s an experience where sight, smell, taste, and imagination are stimulated with every course.