Unconventional Experience

Our culinary experience is like a game, a dinner made of riddles where nothing is as it seems and everything turns into a game!

Each dish leaves a clue, and it’s up to the customers to guess the ingredients.

Gift our Unconventional Experience

Let whoever you want live a unique and sensational culinary experience.

Gift our Unconventional Experience


At Insolita Trattoria, we like to have fun with food, changing its shapes and colors, pairings and structures, never forgetting the taste of traditional cuisine.

Our chef Lorenzo Romano has an unusual way of conceiving cooking, which is rooted in the concept of going beyond boundaries.


La creatività, le preparazioni e le nostre Insolite ricette direttamente a casa tua. Ti portiamo ciò che serve, trasformandoti in chef per una sera!

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"I took the tradition and experience from my grandfather, added my father's passion, a pinch of my madness, and created the Insolita Trattoria.”